March 20, 2015 is UT Institute of Computer Science Career Day, which aims to connect students studying IT with companies and entrepreneurs in the ICT sector.
Career Day gives the participating companies a chance to introduce (summer) internships as well as future career opportunities.

Companies wishing to participate should fill out the registration form here by March 16 the latest.
Participation is free for students as well as companies.
All organizatorial matters will be taken care of by the institute, however, participants are responsible for  providing their own informative leaflets and other advertorial materials. Please note that we have many international students as well. 

The event takes place in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (J. Liivi 2, Tartu), IV floor.

12.15-17.00 Career Day fair in room 405 and the 4th floor common room. 
12.30-14.45 Introductions by companies and workshops in rooms 403 and 404

At the opening of the fair at 12.15 we will also award the winners of the Student Project Contest and the posters of the submitted projects will be hung in the hallways of the 4th floor.


Room 404 presentations in English
12.30-12.45 – UT ICS: Software Engineering and Computer Science Master's programmes
12.50-13.05 – STACC: Career opportunities at Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (STACC)
13.10-13.25 – Twilio Estonia: Internship and employment possibilities at Twilio
13.30-13.45 – Playtech Estonia: Working in a World Scale Company
13.50-14.05 – Fortumo: Developer's career path at Fortumo
14.10-14.25 – Axinom Eesti: Axinom - Innovating tomorrow, today.
14.30-14.45 – Kühne+Nagel: Kühne+Nagel Career Opportunities
14.50-15.05 – ZeroTurnaround
15.10-15.25 – Tieto Estonia
15.30-15.45 – Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut: Opportunities at Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut (EII)

Room 403 presentations in Estonian and English
12.30-12.45 – Mooncascade: Trendid tarkvara rakenduste maailmas: mobiilid ja asjade internet
12.50-13.05 – CGI Eesti
13.10-13.25 – Nortal: Nortali Suveülikool
13.30-13.45 – Knowit Estonia: Knowit – väljakutse kõige edasipüüdlikumatele!
13.50-14.05 – Helmes: Magic of integrations
14.10-14.25 – Cybernetica: Cybernetica on e-riigi tehniliste lahenduste asjatundja
14.30-14.45 – Mobi Lab: More than just a code monkey
14.50-15.05 – Regio/ Reach-U: Reach-U - solutions for every mobile operator all over the world
15.10-15.25 – Wazombi Labs: Art of Creation